KRAC end dp

We came together as MASI in autumn 2014, following self-organised protests by asylum seekers in Ireland across eight of the 34  centres of indefinite detention called Direct Provision. We believe that speaking together in one voice, moving together in one direction, we are much stronger, our voices much louder and more difficult to ignore and dismiss. Part of the purpose of the system of direct provision and dispersal is to keep us apart, divided, ghettoised, our power stolen. For us, MASI is a way to take back our power and demand freedom, justice and dignity for all asylum seekers.

  • MASI is the collective Movement of Asylum Seekers in Ireland, a platform for asylum seekers to join together in unity and purpose
  • MASI seeks justice, freedom and dignity for all asylum seekers.
  • MASI demands the end of direct provision, the right to work and education, residency for all, and opposes deportation.
  • MASI is independent: it is not an NGO, it is not affiliated to any NGO or political party.
  • MASI is not funded; we depend on our own resources and raise our own funds as we can.
  • In MASI, all are equal to each other; all are of equal value and deserving of equal respect and dignity.
  • MASI is democratic and collective. All decisions are made collectively, through discussion and agreement.
  • MASI has no ‘membership’. We are part of MASI through our commitment and contribution to the collective work of the movement.
  • MASI has no organisational structures. Structures can become rigid and hierarchical. We decide on tasks according to the nature of each action, and according to who is able to commit the time and energy needed at that time.

MASI demands an end to direct provision, the right to work and education, residency for all in the system, and an end to the brutal deportation regime. Some might say these are not reasonable or realistic demands. We have found that being ‘reasonable’ achieves little for asylum seekers except more time locked up in DP, deportation orders, and forced removal.

It is time for us to rise up once more in unity and purpose. It is time to fight together for our freedom and for the freedom of our brothers and sisters in the time to come. The struggle may be long, but we will prevail.