To reform or not to reform, that is a question:

This is the breeder to hate

This is the breeder of poverty

This is the breeder of racism

This is the breeder of discrimination

This is the breeder of inferiority.

This is the promotion of greed

This is the promotion of segregation

This is the promotion of capitalism

This is the promotion of racial discrimination

This is the promotion of long term oppression

This is the promotion of slavery.

Human dignity must be restored

Social justice must prevail

Freedom must be attained

Equality must have to boundaries

Unity must prevail.

As long a white man sees himself as a white and a black man sees himself as a black, there will always be racism and disunity. We need to live in a society whereby we all see each other as one people living in one world in a peaceful spirit. Freedom of movement should be the order of the day with no restriction of any boarders. Wars and killings have so many victims in history and it’s all about greed and making the other nations feel inferior and the others superior.

Direct Provision is an animal that is designed from all these principles above. As long as it is still in existence, I am afraid people will continue to suffer and the nation deteriorate. Direct provision must end Mr and Mrs Minister, not matter what kind of reform you can put in place, it will never be any sort of model conducive to human consumption.

Digging the hole and bury a man alive, sailing the man to the deep sea and throw him to the sea to die and locking a man in direct provision for ten or more year is the same thing. He might be alive in real, but his spirit is dead and there is nothing you can do to revive him. That’s what direct provision does to people.

The troops are getting restless: